Who we are?

KAYA Productions was established in 2004 by Ilko Vakarelov and Kamelia A. Stancheva.

What are we doing?

We help our clients make their business visible,the products - recognizable, the projects and causes - liked.

We create websites, graphic design for print publications, photography, corporate training and promotional videos, 3D animations and live video streaming.

To clients we have long-term relations with, we provide professional assistance in the field of company communications, planning, creative concept, copywriting, web content, social media presence.

To meet the needs of our customers, we've created a new and modern technological company - StreamEvent.bg
The company provides multi-camera professional live broadcasting of events, conferences, performances, presentations, trainings, sports events, etc.

Tell us what you want to achieve and we will offer you solutions.

Who are our clients?

We work with Bulgarian and foreign clients and partners - B2B & B2C.

Our clients are hundreds and diverse - national and state institutions, international institutions, companies, small businesses, business associations, non-governmental organizations.

We have many years of specific experience in two areas - civic organizations that deal with philanthropy, social programs, ecology, and culture and art, including festivals, concerts and exhibitions.

Why work with KAYA?

We believe that experience is very important - and we continue to learn and master new technologies.

We bet on our creativity - and we have proven that we work with dedication and conscientiousness.

We know that content is important, but it is the vision that could make the difference.

You know - we can.

Our Principles

We at KAYA Productions follow seven principles.

Regarding the team:
1. People are important. We respect their experience, skills, creativity, dreams, freedom, personal life.

Regarding customers:
2. We respect their work and work for their success.
3. We are honest, loyal and correct as their business partners.

Regarding work:
4. We apply an individual approach to each project and client.
5. Professionalism obliges us. We work for quality without compromise.
6. Anything is possible. We experiment and look for new solutions.

Regarding colleagues and partners:
7. We respect their work and authorship.

Green policy

We like to rest outdoors, on the grass, on the green. The good thing about our work is that it does not pollute. But that is not enough. Therefore, day after day, we learn to live more and more eco-friendly and save natural resources. As part of our work ethic, we have adopted the following rules:

  • We save paper. We try not to print unless absolutely necessary. We print double-sided and on "second-hand" sheets.
  • We use cloth hand towels instead of paper.
  • We collect waste separately. And we throw them out separately.
  • We encourage colleagues who come to work by bicycle or on foot.
  • We develop our own green projects.

Cultural policy

Knowledge of culture and the development of the arts excites us particularly.

  • We support the preservation of our cultural heritage and its presentation to the world.
  • We support the development of products and events that showcase the arts and artists.
  • We develop our own cultural and educational projects.